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Dunkin' Donuts Consumer Class Action Filing

We just announced two consumer class actions against Dunkin' Donuts Brands, Inc. in New York and New Jersey. The suits allege that Dunkin' has been unlawfully assessing a surcharge in the guise of "sales tax" on  certain products the company knows it cannot charge tax on. We estimate that Dunkin' Donuts stores in New York made about $10 million and New Jersey stores made about $4 million from the scheme.  You can view the complaint filed in New York federal court here. For press inquires, contact Zachary J. Liszka, Esq. at 347-762-5131.

United Water Consumer Class Action Settlement

We just announced a multi-million dollar class action settlement against the 39th largest corporation in the world: French multinational GDF Suez and its American subsidiary, United Water Inc.   Our lawsuit alleged that the defendants were selling phony and worthless home repair warranties to thousands of senior citizens and Hispanic speaking customers.

To find out if the lawsuit applies to you and what your rights are, goto

For press inquires, please contact Zachary J. Liszka, Esq. at 347-762-5131.

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